My workshop – where it all begins

My workshop is in a small building very close to our home and was for a long time a blacksmiths’ workshop.  It is a lovely small granite building and the lathes I use are a Steinert VB 36 Master Bowlturner  and a smaller Record CL4 lathe.

As an environmentally aware and concerned individual, I am very careful about where the wood I work with comes from. My wood is mostly locally sourced and comes from trees that have had to be cut, or from wood that people have given me. A little of the wood I have is left from our time in Mozambique and that came from trees that had been cut, the rosewood even came from some old railway sleepers!

To look after your wooden pieces, the most important thing is to keep it away from direct sunlight and direct heat, as this will adversely affect the wood very quickly. Your wood should not be allowed to dry out, so occasionally wipe it with a clean soft cloth with walnut or olive oil and a final wipe with the cloth is all that is needed. 

I like to finish my bowls with an oil and beeswax product called Flydende Bivoks from Faxe in Denmark.  If you want to polish the piece, I suggest good beeswax and Faxe has this too – Faxe Classic.  Wood naturally ages and changes colour but should remain beautiful for years. Salad bowls should be quickly gently rinsed with warm soapy water and then dried immediately with a soft cloth – a regular coat of walnut or olive oil with keep the wood in good condition – give the bowl a light coat with a cloth and let is stand overnight and then wipe off any excess oil.


The workshop assistant

About time we vacuumed the floor

Anything I can do to help?